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Pillow Frames

Pillow Frames are large frames used on pillows.  Spell a name, birth announcement, wedding date, or favorite saying. Easy quick gift! (For Larger hoops) ($7.99 each or all 7 for $39.99)

Orchid Pillow Frame (5" x 7" )

Anthurium Pillow Frame (4.75" x 7.7")

Sunflower Pillow Frame (4.7" x 7.6")

Butterfly Pillow Frame (4.5" x 7")


Rope Frame

3.81 x 3.44"

An Heirloom Frame! Label an Afghan with this keepsake frame. (not included with 7 frames)


Garden Teddy Frame (8.0" x 4.7")

Garden Bunny Frame (8.0" x 4.8")

All Seven Frames


Sample Project

1/2 yd. fabric

1 1/2 yds. trim

1 bag of fiber fill

Orchid Pillow Frame Design

Cut two 12" square pieces of fabric. Stitch Pillow design on front piece.  (Resize  design if desired.  Baste trim on the front around edge  of pillow.  Stitch trim in place together with both fabric pieces leaving 3" opening in center.  Turn inside out and fill with fiber fill at opening.  Hand stitch opening to close. Approximate completion time-- 1 hour.



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